This Labor Day Weekend,
try life as you want it to be.
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Stuff to Learn - and Be

Workshops, which are offered throughout the weekend, form a large part of the weekend activities and allow you to learn new skills, explore new ideas and challenge yourself to new heights.

Who does the Workshops?

Presented by fellow CAMPers, topics  may include Life Drawing, Nature Photography, Massage for Gay Men, The Art of Flirting, Creative Harmonizing, Easy Bake Oven Cake Decorating, Drag 101, and many, many more. In addition to these there are discussion groups and other impromptu activities.

Got a secret passion for Easy Bake Ovens?

A CAMP classic!  Come and satisfy that desire to play with an Easy Bake Oven!  After making tiny cakes, decorate them in a way that will make your inner decorateur smile.  This workshop is simple - good, edible fun!

What matters most to you?

Do you want to learn how to get fit, how to manage your credit score, how to give a great massage, or how to just be?  CAMP workshops range from all kinds of topics - from the silly to the sublime!  Find what’s  right for you.

Seeking CAMP Workshop Facilitators!

Are you an expert at massage, drag or leather? Does Martha seek your advice when planning a dinner party? Skilled at financial planning or know lots of travel tips? We are seeking guys who are willing to lead hands-on, interactive workshops, outdoor activities, or discussion groups at CAMP.  If you are planning to attend CAMP and would be interested please let us know.  Note that promotion of a business during a workshop is not allowed.