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What is CAMP?

Who goes to CAMP?

CAMPers of all (adult) ages come from a wide variety of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds; whoever you are is good enough for us.  It provides an escape from the pressures of the city and a place where you can accept new challenges, experience personal growth and just relax and have fun.

What goes on at CAMP?

CAMP builds a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere based on a foundation of 5 virtues. These are self, respect, growth, celebration and community. At CAMP you will learn the meaning behind these words and how they work to create the magic that happens at CAMP.

What is CAMP?

CAMP (short for “Come and Meet People”) is a place to connect with fellow Gay, Bisexual and Transgender men; the place to shed attitudes and dissolve boundaries. It is a place to learn about yourself, to forge lasting friendships and develop a deeper sense of community.  It’s a magical and wondrous experience you will never forget!

Where is CAMP?

CAMP is held at a private retreat center just a few hours from Seattle;  Located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest the camp is nestled amongst towering trees  with scenic trails and rivers nearby. You can stay in heated modern cabins or you can pitch your own tent. Meals prepared by the camp staff are enjoyed family style as a group. CAMP is an alcohol, drug and attitude free event.

CAMP is produced by volunteers and is sponsored by Q-Squared.