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“ CAMP succeeds in breaking down barriers and walls among gay men. I've been Out for about 12 years now, and never before have I ever felt so relaxed with other gay men in a group setting. There was zero attitude with every single individual. The drug/alcohol free environment set an enormously healthy foundation as well. ”

“The opening ceremony set the themes and a heightened level of respect was achieved. People seemed to drop their guards and mingle unlike any gay event I have ever attended”

“The talent show highlighted the depth and range of talent in our community”

“The level of touching and the closeness that was achieved was amazing.”

“CAMP exceeded my best hopes. I am so glad I went! I will remember this as one of the best times I've had in my adult life.”

“People were very genuine, real and supportive of each other.”

"I loved being part of the games, the guys, the hugs, the great seminars and the sincerity and intensity of all involved with them."

“I left feeling recharged. I was happy to go back to my life away from CAMP, Not because it wasn't wonderful, it was, but more because I felt like I am okay and able to meet the challenges I have in my life.”

“The ability to connect with Gay Men in a safe healthy environment. I can only think of a couple of other social alternatives here in Seattle where this can take place.”

“…the power nap on Monday morning. If a giant meteor had struck the earth during that hour, I would have died in blissful contentment.”

“I enjoyed the talent show and wearing a dress for the first time in my life”

“I loved being away from the loud, fast paced city.”

"The most powerful part of Camp was the location. It was a wonderful area, having the river nearby added an element of enjoyment that was crucial to the overall experience. The drive there was also very decompressing."

"I experienced making friends with those who would not have ever known anything about me without this experience. The bar scene does not allow much more than a "book cover" glance before ever being able to be read. CAMP made me an open book."

“CAMP was not about sex, but about us knowing each other and developing friendships.”

“It was great meeting people who reminded me that there was a community of gay men who could care about others and could leave attitude at home and welcome others”

"The team building activities were the right mixture to let people's guard down and therefore I was very impressed how much people opened up in a non-alcohol setting."

“Workshops allowed me to make myself a more interesting person by acquiring new skills and interests that I would not have been as willing to explore in a setting lacking CAMP’s unique atmosphere of total acceptance”

"CAMP motivated me to become more actively involved with my community. I will be attending more functions and pursuing volunteer opportunities."

"I'll be more friendly and socialize with more people outside my usual peeps. I've now meet a 100 something wonderful gay men I would have missed prior due to negative perceptions. Under nearly any facade there is a real person."